Las Vegas CPA Professionals


Las Vegas CPA Professionals is not your typical CPA firm!

Las Vegas CPA Professionals was founded with the idea that there is a better way to help clients with their accounting and tax challenges. Below are just three of the things we do differently:


Upfront Client Interview and Engagement

We believe that selecting an accounting professional is a very personal choice. The accountant you will select will have a window into your finances. That’s why every client engagement starts with either an initial assessment of your business and/or individual financial situation to structure the right relationship going forward and to ensure we are the right fit for your needs.

Ongoing Assistance

Our client engagements are structured as on-going or annual programs, not one-off transactions. Why? Accounting clients like that we’re contributing to their business all year long, so that they can avoid the end-of-year panic most people associate with accounting.

Regular Contact

We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on understanding your business and/or financial goals and we go out of our way to communicate all of our solutions clearly. To ensure that we’re always up-to-speed on the changes taking place in your business and/or finances, we require clients meet with us at least twice per year.


Mission, Vision and Value Statement

At Las Vegas CPA Professionals, we stand by our mission, vision and value statements.


At Las Vegas CPA Professionals, it is our mission to provide our clients with affordable, quality and timely accounting services always focusing on exceptional customer service. Service is the heart of our business.




The vision of Las Vegas CPA Professionals is to embody the spirit of excellence in all that we do. To uphold a solid reputation of meeting or exceeding our clients' needs and expectations; this is how we measure our success.



Las Vegas CPA Professionals operates on the values of Integrity, Commitment, Continuous Learning, Innovation and Teamwork. Integrity is first and most important of our values because it means we are true to our values. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are committed to the success of our clients and through our clients is the success of Las Vegas CPA Professionals. The world is changing fast and we must continuously learn and improve rapidly if we want to have the highest impact on our customers' success. Innovation is one of our core values because constant improvement to our practices is critical to the successful completion of our mission. By working as a team, and balancing the knowledge and skills of all the team members, performance and results are greater than what can be accomplished by one individual.


Team Member Bios