Business Services

Business Services

Entity Structuring

An important factor for the guaranteed success of your business is assuring the initial structure of your business is specific to your business needs and future growth. We focus on the big picture and what is most important to you, whether it’s tax savings, asset protection, succession planning or all of the above. Our entity structuring includes: a business consultation and tax planning meeting, entity formation, customized operational documents, IRS and state required filings and business license filing if you choose. As important as the initial process of legal formation is making sure the necessary steps to open are also taken. Our firm provides assistance with setting up of banking, merchant services and technology hosting services.

Registered Agent Services

Our annual registered agent clients are monitored closely and include an annual review of your entity compliance. We do not send a form letter each year, we reach out personally and discuss changes so we catch issues before the happen. Proactive service.

Loan Application Assistance

Allow us to take the complexity out of applying for a business loan. We can act as the liaison for your bank all the way up to developing an SBA approved business plan. We are here to help.

Compliance Review

A business’s success greatly depends on the relationships and processes it builds along the way. However, without the proper direction a small mistake can cost your business a big fortune. During our business compliance review, we analyze accounting processes, licenses, insurance, state and federal tax filings. We also analyze employee, vendor and customer relationships to ensure state and legal compliance. We provide you with a road map with solutions to become compliant in areas we found issues in.

Business Valuations

A business valuation report can make the difference between loss or gain, success or failure. The process of valuing a business is not an exact science. It's based on numbers and other non-financial relevant information. The numbers are the easy part of the process; we focus on the business operations and industry benchmark. This enables us to provide a well-reasoned, fully documented and defensible valuation opinion.