IRS and State Audit Representation Services

IRS and State Audit Representation Services

IRS Debt Settlements

Are you drowning in old IRS debt? Don’t let the past hinder your future. Our firm specializes in IRS tax settlements and restructuring. After one consultation, we can determine how much of the past tax debt can be absolved.  We understand your rights as a taxpayer so let us advocate on your behalf and start negotiating the IRS debt hanging over your head.

Below are just some of the ways we can help resolve your IRS debt:

  • Determine if you quality for an Offer in Compromise and start the process.
  • Work with the IRS to remove penalties and accrued liabilities.
  • Settle personal and business tax det.
  • Negotiate with the IRS to strop wage garnishments and remove bank levies.
  • Get you set up on an IRS payment plan and a plan to keep current tax liabilities paid.

IRS Audit Representation

An IRS audit can be one of the most difficult tasks a taxpayer can face.  In addition to the time it takes away from your business and personal life, it requires you to understand the tax law.  We are not only educated in tax law we are also well versed in IRS representation and know our clients taxpayer rights.

A few things to know about an IRS Audit:

  • If you are selected for an IRS audit, you may be notified by telephone but the IRS will still send a letter for verification.  The IRS does not email.
  • If your situation is complicated, the audit will only be the first step.
  • The IRS can summons your bank records if there is an open IRS audit or you owe money to the IRS.   
  • If you hire audit representation, you may never have to meet the IRS auditor.

State Audit Representation

Taxation, payroll or insurance audit, it doesn’t matter, we can help.  Preparation is key in any audit but especially state audits as rules vary state by state.  Having representation and/or preparation assistance makes a tremendous difference in the outcome.

Types of audits we can assist you with:

  • Department of Taxation sales tax audits
  • State payroll agency tax audits
  • Workers comp insurance audits