Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Why pay more than your fair share of taxes? Tax savings don’t just happen. They require planning and strategy. Our expertise and advanced technology give us the accelerated ability to stay ahead of changes in tax legislation and allowing us to better serve our clients. Whether your company is based in the United States or a foreign entity our knowledge of available tax credits, deductions and income deferral strategies put us on top of the rest. In addition to an initial tax meeting, we review every completed tax return with our clients ensuring they understand the tax return they are signing. Every tax return, regardless of complexity goes through a rigorous review process by multiple qualified staff members. Once again, we take time for our clients.

Tax Planning and Consulting

Tax Planning and Consulting Tax planning is just as important if not more important than tax filing. We recommend twice a year tax planning meetings to avoiding surprises at tax time. We use every tool possible to minimize our client’s tax liability staying within the IRS tax law but in order for tax planning to be effective, it must be aligned with your business and personal goals.

Tax planning can help in the following ways:

  • Minimize your business and/or personal tax liability
  • Take advantage of any tax reliefs, tax credits, tax losses and deferment opportunities
  • Put in place tax strategies for cash protection
  • Support your plans for retirement
  • Support your plans for succession